May 12, 2018

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Tips To Become A Good Landlord

With so many HDB flats for sale nowadays, such as HDB in Pasir Ris, many people are jumping onto the property investment bandwagon hoping to make passive income for themselves. Are you also planning to buy a property for investment purpose? Or do you have property that you plan to rent it out but do not know how to become a landlord? Being a landlord is one thing, but being a good landlord is another. Being a landlord comes with a lot of requests and demands but it might not be as hard as you imagine it to be. To archieve this, you will need to manage your relationship you're your tenants. These are a few tips that might help you to become a good landlord when you lease your unit.

1. Treat your tenants as your friends
Some landlords in Singapore tend to favor certain races and adopt an unfair racial stance. This is extremely unfair, unethical and racist. A good landlord should accept tenants regardless of race and religion. Always be friendly to your tenants. Just a simple gesture such as remembering their birthdays and sending them birthday cards will make your tenants feel special. In return, they will treat you as their own friend. Simple gesture like a birthday card or a text message is enough to make them feel warm and special.

2. Share the moments
Even though you are the landlord, it does not harm to share their sorrows. Send condolences messages or flowers to your tenants if you hear someone passing away. Offer comfort and make them feel better. You can also share their joy when they tell you something happy. Be happy for them and congratulate them. Send them Christmas cards and they will absolutely love it. Words are powerful and you will never know how a single word can affect one's mood.

3. Be a part of them
If you are renting a room to a student, help him or her to feel connected. Introduce other tenants of the unit to him or her. Let her feel that he or she belongs or fits in the community. You can introduce him or her to the neighbors as well. After all, your tenant might be coming from a place far away and needs some time settling down. Help your tenants feel like they belong.

4. Keep up with maintenance
You as a landlord hold the responsibility of repairing and maintenance work. Do make sure you follow up with your maintenance or repairing jobs. If at any time you get a repair or maintenance request, try your best to follow up with your tenants or the service provider to fix things. Be prompt with repairs and do not forget their needs.

5. Listen to their suggestions and improve your home
Let your tenants have their fair share of voicing out their opinions. Listen to what they have in their minds and let them know that you appreciate their inputs and opinions. Only then you will gain their respects and they will love you as a landlord. Listen to what needs to be improved and fix in the home to ensure a happy relationship between the landlord and the tenants.

6. Enforce some rules
In order to have your tenants respect you, you will have to be firm and enforce some rules. Maintain boundaries, stick to the rules and policy and it will make your life much easier. Let your tenants know that this is still a business. Tenants should always pay their rentals before due date. A rule is a rule and if they break the rules, they will then need to face the consequences. Just like the tenants expecting the landlord to fulfill your duties, they should reciprocate by abiding the rules as well. You being a nice landlord should not give your tenants a chance to take advantage of you. Make sure your tenants abide the rules to save your from problems in future. Draw a fine line between being respectful and being nice.

7. Keep it private
Keep all documents private and confidential. Protect your tenants' privacy. Do not share your tenants personal information with another tenant. Not even your own friends. It is the landlords responsibility to keep all tenants information protected. Keep their personal information in a locked cabinet, or in the cloud online where you are the only one who can access to it.

8. Do not discriminate
Be a fair to each and every tenant. It is basic human rights to be treated equally and fairly regardless of race, religion, skin color, origin and gender. Treat each tenant with respect and dignity that they deserve and it will get back to you as well.

9. Provide security
Prioritize security. This will give a sense of safety to your tenants. Add alarm system in your house to keep your house and the tenants safe. When you make an effort to keep your tenants safe, they in return will be thankful and appreciate your effort. Do remember to return the deposit when the tenancy period is over

In conclusion, being a great landlord will result in having great tenants. It is essential to be an amazing landlord if you want to become a successful landlord. Not only being a good landlord will make your tenants extend their contracts and stay for a long time, they will also do their best to pay their rents on time and cause minimal problems to you. Do make sure you have a solid understanding of being a successful landlord before leasing out your unit. Of course, being a good landlord is a two-way traffic between the landlord and the tenants. Do you best and take responsibilities for your jobs, and the rest is all luck.


  1. Terima kasih diatas perkongsian :) Jemput singgah blog saya yang baru di dirikan ye. Semoga dimurahkan rezeki. terima kasih :)

  2. To buy a property in Singapore is something huge deal to be cared for. If we got this type of landlord, it will be such a blessings! Haha

  3. pernah jugak lah merasa 5 tahun jadi landlord..alhamdulilah tenant pun mmg baik dan on time paid sewa..ada juga merancang nak beli satu lagi property untuk pelaburan jangka panjang

  4. Dalam perancangan nak beli satu lagi property .. Kalau boleh luar penang la.Tips2 ni dah tentu sangat membantu nanti..Harap2 juga dapat tenant yang bagus..heheh

  5. Akak suami isteri memang ada plan beli rumah lagi sebuah dan buat investment untuk tambahan duit belanja. Untung pun untung

  6. Good tips! Landlord dan tenant memang kena ada kerjasama dan timbangrasa. Sefahaman paling penting. Budi bicara pun memainkan peranan.
    Pengalaman as landlord adalah cikgu terbaik dan landlord pun harus ada ilmu. Thanks sharing

  7. huhu.. bagus tips ni.. TB belum pernah jadi landlord lagi.. kalau ada rumah untuk disewakan memang TB lebih suka kalau dapat tenant yang boleh terus bank in je duit sewa.. mala snak jumpa2 ni.. janji tenant bayar sewa in time.. ye tak

  8. tips yang bagus sekali dikongsi...kenyataannya, ramai tuan tanah, tuan rumah tidak seperti yang diperkatakan...pengalaman bonda sendiri pernah mendapat tuan rumah yang sangat berkira...harap ramai tuan rumah tuan tanah membaca entry ini untuk kesedaran..

  9. Good tenants are hard to come by this days. But be sure to make them feel comfortable with their stay. Rent to tenants who take the responsibilities to pay the rent on time to avoid headaches and always take proper and legal action when and only necessary

  10. Although I have no plans to purchase a property for investment, I found this article really useful. Who knows, maybe one day I get to rent out my property? Hopefully, I will have n angel of a tenant as well!

  11. nice tips. Nak jadi landlord kene pandai semua. kene belajar dari orang berpengalaman. Sangat berguna entry ni.

  12. These are some great tips to become a good landlord. It is really true that we need to treat our tenants as our friends.

  13. So far we always became the good landlord too bad never can get good tenant.. lolz.. however.. this is really one great write up tips for everyone.

  14. A good tenant acts as the property's caretaker A good tenant does more than just pay the rent on time. A good tenant is also someone who will take care of the property. They will notify you of problems before they become major ones, while still demonstrating enough competence to take care of minor issues themselves.


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